New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers made up of a team of exceptional attorneys and staff who specialize in Speeding Tickets, Cell Phone Tickets, Reckless Driving traffic ticket, Driving While Suspended, Driving Wrong Way traffic ticket, and Disobey A Red Light traffic ticket within New York City and Long Island.

This informed foundation also means that we don’t take every case we are presented with. If we cannot win your case, we will let you know up front and will help you explore your other  options. But no matter whether we can take your case or not, each client we speak to receives the same care, attention, and excellent advice through our 3-step initial consultation process.

First, we’ll listen to your situation to fully understand the facts and help you identify all the legal issues concerning your case.

Second, we will prepare a professional and concise list of the facts of your case.

This third step is important because it is a vital resource that will help us assign the best attorney to your case or, if our firm is not a good fit for you, that you can take to other firms or attorneys to help explain your situation.

To find out more or to schedule your free initial consultation, please contact us at 646-785-4086 or or visit us at our offices at 74-09 37th Ave, Flushing, NY 11372 for a walk-in consultation.